Founded in 1984


We are a social professional institution representing the Cabin Crew Class in the cultural, social, sports and leisure fields, with the aim of “promoting the spirit of solidarity and camaraderie among its members”. In addition to these statutory purposes, to which we seek to respond by promoting events and initiatives of a social, cultural and sporty scope, we also focus our efforts on obtaining the best conditions for our Associates in several areas and services, through the negotiation of agreements and protocols established with various Entities and / or Institutions.

APTCA is also concerned with promoting and carrying out acts that aim, directly or indirectly, to promote the improvement and professional development of Cabin Crew. It is also our policy to make institutional cooperation protocols with other similar institutions in the same professional area and therefor with mutual interests. In this case the respective Associates may also have access to facilities, initiatives or services, under different conditions agreed by the parties, through its own regulation in specific annexes to these protocols.
Founded in 1984
APTCA was created by public deed on February 21, 1984 by the initiative of a group of Cabin Crew with the express support and involvement of the Directorate of the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Staff, SNPVAC. In our first year of existence, we operated through the Union Institution, without our own physical space.
On August 22, 1984
the signal was given for the acquisition of its own facilities located in Lisbon, in Olaias, at Rua Aquiles Machado nº 3-G, which would be inaugurated on March 8, 1985. That same month, our first publication ever was published - the magazine “AÉRIUS”. At our foundation and for some time, we had three different categories of Associates: Founders, Staff and Contributors. The first category was subsequently annulled and removed from the Statutes. The latter remained designated, but fell out of use. Subsequently, on November 14, 1986 through a referendum by General Assembly, equal rights and duties were guaranteed for all categories of Associates.
In July 1985
the first issue of the “Briefing” Newsletter, which lasted two years, was published. On February 10, 1988, the members of the SNPVAC, meeting in an Emergency General Assembly, expressly convened for this purpose, decided to authorize “… the shared use of the new SNPVAC facilities by APTCA…”, maintaining our own facilities, in Olaias.
In March 1988
the first issue of the magazine “VOO“ is published, with our collaboration, since this publication was the responsibility of SNPVAC, since 1974.
On August 8, 1988
through public deed, we acquired a mediation company insurance, MEDILIS - Mediação de Seguros Lda.
On November 7, 1988
following the resolution of the SNPVAC Emergency General Assembly, of February 10, 1988, we started to operate at the Union's premises. First, sharing the main building and, later, after adaptation works, in suitable facilities for the purpose. The Olaias space functioned for some time as “Espaço Arte” with some well-known visual artists doing their shows there. In September 1989 we created an Ultralight Flight Section, even purchasing a device, allowing some Associates to obtain the respective flight license for this modality. It ends in late 1994, after a tragic accident that resulted in the death of the Associate João Jorge, Vice President of APTCA at the time.
Between March 1991 and April 1999
by strategic decision, in order to give greater operationality and more coverage to both Cabin Crew Representative Institutions (APTCA and SNPVAC), competing lists were presented in suffrage in which the component members were partially common to the Governing Bodies of the two Institutions.
On February 23, 2000
we were primarily responsible for organizing the first Grand Gala of Commercial Aviation held together with APPLA.
On January 9, 2000
we lost our oldest and most esteemed Employee, Maria da Graça, who died in a car accident.
In July 2001
the share price was updated from € 3.74 (750 escudos) to € 4.99.
In September 2001
our first Newsletter, “APTCA NEWS”, was published. In this publication, the history of this Institution would be made public, for the first time, from which this Historical Summary is extracted.
In January 2004
the value of the quota changes from € 4.99 to € 6.00.
On February 21, 2004
we celebrated our 20th anniversary. This anniversary was appropriately marked with a party/dinner together, and the Board at that time offered the Institution a commemorative plaque marking that date.
In January 2005
after several vicissitudes and difficulties, but also a lot of work, which, alongside the existing problems, we did not fail to show our evolution, the transfer of the Client Portfolio of the APTCA Insurance Mediator, MEDILIS, was consummated.
In the last quarter of 2005
the most participant electoral process to date, took place for APTCA's Managing Bodies. For the first time, two competing Lists were submitted to suffrage and the winner coming from and presented by the Board was compelled to resign later as a result of a prolonged institutional conflict.
On September 12, 2008
after a favorable opinion from the Council of Delegates and by unanimous decision at the global level of its General Assembly, held on August 6, 2008, the complete amendment and remodeling of the APTCA Statutes took place, including its corporate purpose, after obtaining the respective Admissibility Certificate in the National Register of Collective Persons, and also to change the location of its registered office in Lisbon, from Olaias to the premises of Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho nº 90, where we already worked many years ago.
During the course of the last quarter of 2009
given the functional difficulties of most members of the Board, namely those who remained active, and the increasing professional demands that left them little time for associative activities, it was, for the first time, deliberate the hiring of an Advisor to the Direction.
On January 5, 2009
the new Managing Bodies took office for the 2009/2012 triennium. These elections, which again had only one competing List, had to point out the fact that the leader Gil Passos has definitively ceased to exercise any directive functions, due to his strict and exclusive will, after 17 years involved in the associative activity, 12 of them as President of the APTCA Board of Directors. His presence as a leader was very striking in a long period of the life of this institution and if his departure, in the transition, caused some embarrassment, on the other hand, it provided and boosted the constitution of a renewed group with the scope of a correct associative policy of responsibility, seriousness and accuracy.
In February 2009
deep work began on the premises of, now, the Headquarters of APTCA with a view, fundamentally, to guarantee its safety, hygiene and better general conditions of functionality for all who attend and work there. The clear degradation and inadequacy of the infrastructures with regard to electrical cabling, computers, communications, air conditioning, lighting, sewers, toilets, etc., have long called for this intervention, which was already planned and analyzed, but not decided, in the last quarter of the previous term. The improvements made, represented an evident added value for those installations and a greater functional autonomy considering all the surrounding space, owned by SNPVAC.